Quotes attributable to Zellanach Djab Mara

“They can destroy Country and they can destroy trees but they can’t destroy our spirit.
The spirit of the Directions Tree is with everyone who has fought to protect her. It’s up to us to carry on that legacy and carry on that spirit.”

“There is so much important work to be done, by healing country we can ultimately heal ourselves and start the reconnection to our country, our songs our dance, our sacred sites, our totems, and then reactivating them.”

“How important has it been to be on country? It’s been very important to take a stand for our women and children. Our children have come home to country, felt the spirit of country, connected to the spirit of country. It’s incredibly important to our children’s growth, to our growth. “

Quotes attributable to Amanda Mahomet:

“Culture is difficult to put into words, because it’s something you feel. It’s what you do. It’s who you are.  This was never a choice. Being on the frontline is an obligation. You can’t be shown something and turn your back on it. This was never about just a couple of trees. This is about identity and standing up for what is left of the Djab Wurrung. Djab Wurrung Country is magical.” 

“When you experience it [Country] you find it difficult to leave. She finds a way to make you listen. She feels like home. “

“We have been evicted from our home. It’s been our home not by choice, for 3 years. Everything you have physically mentally and spiritually has been ripped from us in a matter of minutes, and to watch innocent friends and family there protecting country forcibly and violently removed was traumatic.

“It hurts to actually verbalise this, I’m re-living it by saying it. The footage does no justification of what happened. Any footage that’s being shared doesn’t show just how violent it was.”

Quotes attributable to Chelsea Lovett-Ahern: 

“It wasn’t until I came to Djab Wurrung as an Aboriginal woman that I’ve noticed my songs have changed and been sung to represent and acknowledge women on women’s country. “

“Theres a difference when I look back and reflect on the way I wrote and sung my songs before. My songs before were more a staunch calling for protection from ancestors. The stuff I’ve done before coming here has never been about women, its different now, now my songs are about women and the important role we play as women on women country.”

“First thing when it happened I made sure my kids were okay. When they blocked me off I said “can I just go make sure that there are no other kids in there” and the police said “no.” 

“That’s when they tackled the first person, and then the second person. That’s when they said “no ones allowed in, you can check later” for our kids.” 

“One of the younger protectors asked if they would be arrested, and I said you’ll be okay because he wasn’t standing inside, but the next minute he was grabbed by the scruff straight away and ripped away. “

“They didn’t give people a choice to move on. When I got arrested, I had clap sticks and was singing language and they grabbed one arm each and the lady grabbed my clapsticks.  They grabbed me straight away while I was singing in language, then arrested 5 others immediately after that.”