Last Wednesday the 29th of January, Major Roads Projects Victoria came to cut down an old growth tree, possible mortuary tree in the 3.8km stretch of land that was signed over to them in late 2019.

The tree was located within the 3.8km area and Djap Wurrung protectors stood underneath the branches of the tree on the Djap Wurrung side of the boundary to prevent its destruction.

MRPV told the protectors that the tree was to be cut today and were seen assessing its significance by inserting a camera down the hollow.

“Its highly likely the remains of our ancestors are buried within this 400 year old tree. There are a variety of culturally appropriate methods to identify mortuary trees including soil analysis in a laboratory,” said Chelsea Ahern, from the Djap Wurrung Embassy.

“MRPV’s methods for assessing cultural significance today completely disregards and offends Djap Wurrung heritage.”

“I’m prepared to do whatever it takes for my kids, my culture and future generations”