Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy are calling for the remains of the sacred Directions Tree to be respectfully returned.

A1 Tree Solution Ballarat, the contractor that felled the beautiful 350 year old Yellow Box Gum have been disrespecting grieving protectors by driving the remains of the sacred tree around Ararat and the Western highway.

They were seen on the Western Highway only moments before police invaded Top camp on Tuesday. These actions are deeply hurtful and demonstrate the lack of respect shown by A1 Tree Solutions.

Chelsea Lovett-Ahern from the Djab Wurrung Protection Embassy said on Facebook:

“This Djap Wurrung Directions Tree was the holder of the DNA of our ancestors. She had a strong and staunch woman’s energy, where she proudly stood tall with branches stretched wide holding her given space on women’s country. We are heavily grieving her loss culturally, physically & spiritually. We need her body back, not turned to mulch like our other trees. We need respect and answers for what has been done!”

Supporters are being asked to contact A1 Tree solutions on 0447 238 733 and leave a review on Google.