02 Sept 2019

Contractors Walked Offsite by Djab Wurrung

3 unmarked utes with 7 workers entered Middle camp via a property to the west of the camp. The workers, including 2 security guards and at least 1 CPB contractor, arrived with star pickets on the back of the utes and commenced a toolbox meeting about 10am this morning.

Djab Wurrung people and supporters walked up to meet the contractors and after a brief interaction, peacefully walked them offsite chanting “Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land”

“This is Djab Wurrung Country, we’ve never ceded sovereignty of our land. These workers must seek permission before entering or conducting business on our country.” Says Amanda Mahomet, Embassy Representative

“We welcome people to country every day, but only when they show respect for our traditions, our culture and our Lore. These men came to conduct work that will ultimately destroy our sacred places.” Says Amanda Mahomet, Embassy Representative

They have come with no respect for our culture, and we will continue to assert our sovereignty until the Daniel Andrews Government recognises us as the Traditional Owners of this land.” Says Amanda Mahomet, Embassy Representative